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I can’t stand it!

Seriously, it makes me so mad/sad to see what body image can do to people! I feel so sorry for girls and women who miss out on so much fun, joy and other good things, because they are obsessing about … Continue reading

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Fitness Goals

Hi! I am back again! Today I will talk to you about my new fitness goals. So here we go: GOALS: I want to participate in a 5k on September 12th. My goal is to run the thing (way) under … Continue reading

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Control freak

I have to admit it: I am a control freak. And to be honest, I don’t mind! But sometimes it would be nice to be able to let go of things a bit more. For example, take this blog: I … Continue reading

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New Feature: the Chronicles of a PhD candidate

Hi guys! The other day I was utterly bored with my work; I experienced a complete lack of motivation to do anything and my mind was flooded with thoughts, insights and whatever else, both related and unrelated to work. I … Continue reading

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Daisy Do Read!

Hellooooo! New month, new challenge. I know I have yet to give you a recap of the previous challenge, but I wanted to start with the new one anyway. Daisy Do Glow will continue for about a week. My little … Continue reading

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100 things I like

I think that we spend way too little time thinking about the things that we enjoy in life. I sure have those days that everything just seems so blah. That is why I made up a list of 100 things … Continue reading

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Sometimes life is just not fair. I am generally a very positive person, and I like to look for the bright side on everything. But the one thing I cannot stand is injustice. I become an enraged maniac at those … Continue reading

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