Slaying my Todo list: wk 48

Another week has passed! Let’s see how I did!


I finished almost everything! Except for that dreaded to read pile though…. But I have a reason for that. No, really I do!  I had a meeting this week with my supervisors and we decided on a strategy regarding my publications and a deadline for my thesis. From now on I am going to focus on putting together my thesis and less on getting out publications. Originally I was using articles as the basis for my thesis, but now I am just going to write a book and worry about the publications later. We decided on that because I have been having some trouble getting my papers published because of the weird niche of my topic. Because my latest rejection (article 2) did come with an invitation to resubmit, I am going to work on that. So I worked on article 2 a lot this week, I actually did a lot more than what was in the todo list (somehow it didn’t even copy crossed out when I extracted the list from Google Tasks. However, the to read pile stayed. But I reduced it to something manageable to read in a day. The new deadline puts a lot of pressure, but also made things very clear as to what I am supposed to do each week if I want to meet that deadline.

So, what’s up for next week?


First there is the to read pile which is supposed to be finished for real this week. That’s because I have to use that information to write a first version of chapter 1, the general introduction of my thesis. I am also going to rewrite article 1, which will be chapter 2. I had a lot of feedback last week so I am good to go! People are supposed to send back their Delphi questionnaires tomorrow so after that I will be stalking them for it haha! For my other work I have a meeting Monday morning first thing and I need to print and read some stuff. I also want to read more about the specific type of interviews we are going to use in the data collection. Lastly, I have a meeting this week about my contract! I need to bring some papers, but that is not a big deal.

In my personal life I have no plans this week. I did finish one of the chairs this week that I am redoing ( it was on my todo list for a while)! I will continue on the rest and I also have been eying the half done dress that is lying around.

Wish me luck and I am off for So you think you can dance, the final!

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