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Time out

Sorry for falling of the earth! Well, actually I fell into the thesis black hole. I have been working like a crazy person and I have decided that I need to make some choices. Unfortunately, that means that I will … Continue reading

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How to be a thesis ninja

   source With my professors and me deciding  on a deadline for my thesis I realized that I needed a better strategy. Hell, I need to become a thesis ninja asap otherwise I won’t survive this! So I started thinking … Continue reading

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Winter has arrived

Well, winter has definitely arrived in the Netherlands! I went for a run on Sunday and I was freezing my butt of the first 5 min. And then Monday it started snowing! Not much, but enough to get the whole … Continue reading

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Slaying my Todo list: wk 48

Another week has passed! Let’s see how I did! I finished almost everything! Except for that dreaded to read pile though…. But I have a reason for that. No, really I do!  I had a meeting this week with my … Continue reading

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The real nature of my cats

Warning: pictures of cute cats, but don’t be fooled! For a long time we actually believed that Chick and Chinta were cute and sweet kitties. It just took us a while to see their real nature. Here is a picture … Continue reading

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Yesterday I felt like a floorcloth for most of the day. That’s how we call that ‘I feel so blah and weak’ feeling when you have a cold in Dutch. But this morning I am feeling much better! Yesterday was … Continue reading

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I started my working day all ambitiously, until I found out I really had a cold coming up. You see, I am like an 82-year old with my allergies: I need some time to get started, for my morning runny … Continue reading

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