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New challenge

So I have done some thinking on how I can use this blog to improve my own productivity. I am very busy with my two jobs in addition to what I want to do in my free time. I had … Continue reading

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Drowning in my todo-list

The last couple of days I was almost able to see Lord Winter approach, brrr. Everything is still fall colored, but you can see the grey entering as well. Luckily, my central heating is working! And I dug up my … Continue reading

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Hello world!

I changed the location of my blog today. I have already imported the content from my old blog, but there is still work to do. So check back soon to see how pretty it is becoming!

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Empty nest syndrome

Good evening everyone! How are you enjoying your weekend? I am trying to make it as productive as I can. Wednesday and Thursday were regular work days for me, but I took Friday off, because my brother was getting the … Continue reading

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Fall, coffee and tights

Hello everyone! Sorry for having fallen of the earth. I am going through some changes in my life here and somehow the urge and time to blog just disappeared. But I am back! I have decided that I want to … Continue reading

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Posbankloop – Race recap

And I am back with another race recap! Just over a week ago I participated in the Posbankloop, a tough race. The official course is 15k and it’s known to be very hard. They also have a 6k route, which … Continue reading

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Bridge to bridge – Race recap

So, ladies and gentlemen, I did another race a while ago. I am a bit behind on blogging about my life, because the vacation posts took so much time to make. It was a fun trip down memory lane though! … Continue reading

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