Winter has arrived

Well, winter has definitely arrived in the Netherlands! I went for a run on Sunday and I was freezing my butt of the first 5 min. And then Monday it started snowing! Not much, but enough to get the whole city jammed and it took me 1.45h instead of 30 min to get home….sigh…. It really is the same every year, they never seem prepared.

Last weekend I went painting at my brothers house again. I painted his wall green! In the can it looked like like baby green, but luckily it was not when I got it on the wall. I had such a busy day that day because I also ran around and did all my errands and groceries and dropped off the Boyfriend at his work, before showing up at my Mom’s place at 11am. So…when I cam home at 5pm I crashed very hard. The Boyfriend was getting sick and I did not feel like driving over 200k late at night I was forced to cancel a fun B-day party in Amsterdam.

The rest of my days have been a blur and I really don’t have anything interesting to talk about. So I am going to finish my tea and then I am off to work!

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