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Ten for 2010

  It’s that time of the year again: the last days of a year where people come op with resolutions they intend but for the most part won’t keep. Now, I am certainly not against resolutions, even New Year’s resolutions. … Continue reading

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Snow fever

Why, hello there! Last sunday we had a lot of snow! It had been snowing the whole day and by the end of the afternoon it finally stopped. So we went outside to the park, just before dark. Look, how … Continue reading

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Christmas eve and First Christmas Day

Good afternoon! How is everybody doing? Still feeling stuffed and with a hangover or not so bad? We had a great time so far. I spent the day of Christmas even veggin’ out on the couch with the cats, it … Continue reading

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Zen in progress and the Christmas spirit

Hey guys/girls! How is everything going? Are you busy preparing for Christmas, or already celebrating Christmas eve? We don’t have very special plans this year. In Holland we don’t really celebrate Christmas eve. When I still lived at home, my … Continue reading

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My First Race

Saturday I did something I never thought I would do, until a year ago:   I entered my first race ever! I have been running since July and recently finished the C25K program and I really wanted to run a … Continue reading

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I want to introduce my first series on this blog today. You know that it takes about a month to build a habit, or at least get used to a certain thing. Even though I am a woman and I … Continue reading

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Balance in life

Do you  have that feeling sometimes, that it is all just a little too much? You feel like you have to somehow balance being a good co-worker, a good girlfriend, a good friend, a good family member and also look … Continue reading

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