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Cheating throughout the Century – part 1

No, this is not a post about marital infidelity in the last 100 years. It is a recap of the bike ride I participated in two weekends ago. As you know, I have been training for a 100+K bike ride … Continue reading

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Control freak

I have to admit it: I am a control freak. And to be honest, I don’t mind! But sometimes it would be nice to be able to let go of things a bit more. For example, take this blog: I … Continue reading

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Camp Sunshine

Hello everyone! I have a great idea to get as much out of the summer months as possible. To be honest, it’s based on a Flylady thing, but I filled it in to my own taste. For the whole summer … Continue reading

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Breakfast pie

The other day I made myself a special breakfast. I actually made it again today, which reminded me to make post about it. I saw the recipe here and adapted it a little. I used a kiwi instead of strawberries. … Continue reading

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Polar bear on the road

I wanted to do a post on my bike ride this weekend, but I didn’t take any pictures even though the whole trip was very beautiful. I guess I was focused too much on the biking to get off my … Continue reading

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Chronicles of a PhD candidate: part IV

The week stared off in a horrible way. Monday I was forced to take the day off. There were some problems in the family I don’t want to talk about (done that enough in the last couple of days) which … Continue reading

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Chronicles of a PhD candidate: part III

Another week passed. Wow, did that go fast! Unfortunately I didn’t have such a good week as last week, but that was ok. I could afford to take it a little easier even though I would have liked to get … Continue reading

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