Hi! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Laura, but online I like to go by the name of Oxidaisy or just Daisy. I am 29 years old and live in the Netherlands with my boyfriend and 2 cats.


The girl behind Daisy

I consider myself just your average girl (or woman, haha, I am approaching 30 after all) with some twist in her mind. I am no superwoman, I screw things up, I sometimes act clumsy, have many insecurities and there are things that I just can’t do. I love reading, music, and everything that looks like dancing. I try to express my creativity in making my own clothes. I also love food and exercise! I am very interested in personal development, always trying to improve the current version of me to be the best that I can be. On my blog you see all these things passing by.


My career

I have a Master’s Degree in Psychogerontology (that’s old people’s psychology) and I am currently working on my PhD. I don’t like to go into details of the content of my job on this blog for several reasons. First, there is my privacy.  And second, my work is not the most important thing in my life. Even though my professor seems to think that it is, it is not. I just like so many things and I already spend a lot of time working, so this blog is more about the other things in my life. I also just got a postdoc position at the university I work as well. This is great since I don’t even have my PhD yet! But it also makes my workweek even longer and gives me some pressure to speed up writing my thesis.

My home

I have been living with my boyfriend for about for years now. This is him:P7240249

He likes his privacy so I refer to him as ‘the Boyfriend’. We have been together since 2005, and moved in together a year later.

We live in an apartment in Arnhem. For an apartment it’s ok, but we would really like something with a garden so we put it for sale. But after a sudden change in our financial future plans we are not really able yet to buy something like that so we are in no hurry selling the place anymore. Luckily for us, the selling part is really slow.

In our house we are dominated by two creatures called Chick and Chinta. They are 3 year old and sisters. They look kind of cute but are excellent versions of the demanding, high maintenance monsters that cats usually are (thank goodness they eat almost everything though). Here is Chinta, our fat muscular cat. She is also called Head of Inspection because she likes to inspect everything that is going on and everything that gets into the house (especially groceries). She is obsessed with fresh water and fabric.


And this is Chick, cutest cat ever. Seriously, every single person who sees her (including the vet) says aaawh, how cute! when they see her. But in reality she is more like a hypocrite little devil. She pretends to be all cuddly and sweet but in the mean time she is teasing her sister all the time and then pointing her finger claw like saying she started! She is more of a puppy than cat because she actually comes when you call her. She doesn’t even look like a cat with her round eyes, fact cheeks and no neck. She is obsessed with chicken and likes to run off with everything she catches, like chicken, hair elastics etc.


This blog

What can you expect from this blog? Well, this blog is about a little bit of everything. Because life is always a little bit of everything. I eat, so I will show food on this blog even though it is not a food blog. I exercise show you can see that too even though it is not an exercise blog either. I like to sew and knit but it is not a sewing blog either (I am so not good enough for that anyway). Especially in my profession it is easy to get sucked up in work, but there is so much more to life than work! On this site I document how I try to balance all the important things in my life. I want to get as much out of life as possible and enjoy myself. It doesn’t have to be perfect because I am allergic to the word ‘perfect’. But I do aim to improve myself all the time. So on this blog you will see me challenging myself in different areas, documenting my experiences ( I am not scared of self-mocking) and generally just being me.

I would love to hear from you, so if you want to, please leave a comment!


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