The real nature of my cats

Warning: pictures of cute cats, but don’t be fooled!

For a long time we actually believed that Chick and Chinta were cute and sweet kitties. It just took us a while to see their real nature.

Here is a picture of when we just had them. Look how tiny and cute! When they were full grown they could barely fit in there alone.

Katjes 008

They were also best friends. Too bad they don’t cuddle like that anymore.

 Katjes 010

When they got bigger they still looked cute.



And even though there were some signs (you see those nails and cold looks?)



Most of the time they just look too damn cute to think of them as anything but nice kitties.



That is, until we captured evidence of their real natures. Now we have to admit it, their real nature is pure evil*!


Chickie’s cover fell through over a year ago. But now Chinta has been caught as well.

Afbeeldings 003

We fear the day they will carry out their master plan, which probably is to take over the world and use us humans to make their food, provide warm baskets and blankets to keep them warm, to act as playing objects or scratching poles and lie on their laps just to show who is the boss. Oh wait…they are already doing that….




* Actually, they were just yawning.

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