Slaying my Todo list week 46 + update

Note: that previous post didn’t work out so well! One picture disappeared and another one was blocked….

And another week passed!  Some highlights:

  • My allergies are starting to get better, even the new ones are much less bad.
  • Saturday we went to a nice B-day party of my friend Rianne. There were not too many people and we had fun
  • Sunday I met a giant amount of semi-family at my uncle and aunt’s 40th anniversary. My aunt is my mother’s sister, but of course the whole family from my uncle’s side showed up as well and it has been at least 10 years since I have seen them last. But I had fun building the family tree from every guest that I got introduced to.
  • I bought myself a cute workout top for less than 4 euro! 
  • I worked at a friend’s house on Friday. She needs to study and I need to work so we motivate eachother. It worked really well, so we are making it into a habit every other week. Looking forward to next time!

Time to review my accomplishments of this week:


I know, I know, the to read pile is still not finished. I should have take a picture of it so you now how big it actually was. I have been reading a lot this week and I hope to finish it in the upcoming week. I haven’t really finished the chair or the dress, but I decided I don’t want them on my todolist anymore (more on that later).

I don’t have much time to write now, so on to the list of next week:


So, I am planning to finally finish the to read pile! I have a meeting tomorrow with my professor and probably that will shed some light on my thesis and publication writing options. That should also get me started on article 4 for real (I did some stuff, but not enough to be able to cross it off yet). Article 2 came back from the journal editor. I had sent in a review following all the comments of the reviewers and they approved but now they dislike the rest of the article! So I have to rewrite it again… And lastly, I received some more info so I am going to use that to revise my very brilliant and interesting conceptual model and send it to my colleagues.

Gotta go no, I am working from home this morning and in the afternoon I am going to help my brother paint his house!

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Itchy feeling

Good evening!

Just a quick note from me. I have been feeling like this all week:


I quit my allergy medication, not the treatment ones, but the symptom killers because I figured hay fever season should be over by now. And I think I am detoxing or something. I have been feeling itchy all over, sneezing, runny nose etc. It is getting a little better now so if it goes away in a few days it proves that it was actually detoxing even though my doctor says it can’t be.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know what I was up to. I leave you with a picture I found while I was searching for the picture above. It gave me a giant headache right away:


I am off to lay on the couch and finish my 20th cup of tea of the day while watching a movie. Sleep well!

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Slaying my Todo list week 45

Let’s do a quick highlight of my week:

Monday: worked my butt off
Tuesday: same thing
Wednesday: I baked a cake last weekend but I decided today that I did not like it that much so no drool worthy pics for you.
Thursday: was forced to go to work for a half hour meeting. I also saw an allergy nurse and she put me on new meds to get rid of my hayfever. I used to have drops twice a week for my grass allergies, and now I have tablets every day. They are way easier than drops but they are mean little devils that make my mouth itch like crazy for 30 min. Also, for my trees allergies I still have drops. Well, as long as it works… And we went to the opera! More about that later
Friday: Had a meeting in a fancy conference center about my new work. It was really productive and the sandwiches were awesome! Too bad the meeting lasted for 4 hours with just a tiny bathroom break, pfff…
Saturday: Did groceries and shopped a bit. I watched 2 movies (yay! for vegging out on the couch).
Sunday: worked a bit, visited my grandma who is 92 years old and we talked about drugs and fashion 😀 I went for a run with Leonie. And the night was devoted to So You Think You can Dance, of course.

To be honest, I didn’t have such a good week last week. I felt tired all the time, so my personal todo’s did not get checked off other then finishing the design of the blog for now. I would like a better look by atm I don’t have the tools for that so this will have to do. I did look at my sewing projects and dug up the ones I need though. 😉
My tiredness also influenced how fast I worked on some days.


At work I finished the Delphi! It is finally on it’s way to the panel. Now let’s hope they all return it in time as well… I worked very hard on hypotheses for my new work. First of all because we cannot do research without them and second because I had a meeting on Friday in which they would be discussed… Good news is that everybody liked them, but of course there will be modifications needed (like always) and they had great sandwiches there too, yum!

I really did do a lot on my to read pile, but I couldn’t get in finished, so this one will have to stay for next week. Because I did not finish reading, I could not get started on my general introduction yet.

I am still tired but let’s take a look at my new todo list.


I kept the unfinished items from last week and added some new ones. There are more things than last week, but that is also because many items won’t take that much time. I have books to return to the public as well as the university library, i have to print some stuff. Next week I have a meeting about my PhD and I have to make an agenda, but I already finished the pieces that come with it. I have another meeting for my new job on Wednesday and I have to read a few things for that. I have to start on the 5 item questionnaire that will help us select people for the actual questionnaire we will be using in my new research.

So wish me luck and hope I do better this week!

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One-year-olds and workaholics

Hello! How have you been? I have been a busy bee working on slaying my todo list among other things. What I have been up to you ask?

First of all, as you can see I did a lot of work on the blog. I made my crappy very professional looking header (hey, my laptop can not handle photoshop etc. and to be honest I don’t even know how that works, so I am stuck with Paint), and included an about and exercise page besides writing a couple of posts. phew!

Last week was a pretty busy week, but I don’t remember much of the working part though. I feel a bit like a workaholic. Well, I guess at some point I will be less busy. Before the Mud Run I had a lovely day at the sauna with a friend. It was so relaxing!

Then last weekend I went to the first birthday of my friend Rianne’s daughter. Now I am not that into kids, but she is cute! And she is so fast in her development, she has already been walking for a couple of weeks!

I also visited one of my grandma’s and chatted away half a day there. It was nice catching up with her. I decided to skip my planned run because my knees were not entirely happy with me. I also finished my hat and baked a cake, but more on that soon.

Yesterday was a crazy busy day at work, and I was very happy to go to my Zumba class after dinner. It felt good dancing the work stress off! We did a new song, a superfast merengue and I mean really fast, and I love it!
Today was another crazy work day but I got to eat cake! Tuesday is birthday celebration day so usually whoever has had his or her birthday brings cake to work. What I didn’t get though was my daily fantasy dream with George Clooney because our Nespresso machine had died. I hope they fix it soon! After work I somehow made it home, had a quick dinner and then went swimming with my friend Neelke. We had a good time chatting although the pool was crazy busy so the swimming part was not so much fun. She managed to back her car into a street light a while back and now has whiplash. I hope she recovers soon!

So, I am off to read my book for a while and then I am going to crash into my bed. I might just do the two at the same time…

See ya!

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Slaying my Todo list week 44

Last week I started my new challenge and today it’s time evaluate how things went last week. Here’s how my todo list of this week looks now:


I think I was pretty productive! I did some other stuff that wasn’t on the list as well, like submitting article 3 to another journal because it was rejected and making a blog post planning. I worked on the design of my blog but it isn’t finished yet, and the same goes for the last 2 items on the list. So, yay for me! As you can see, I finished my hat! I will post about it soon.

Now, onto the new list:


I kept the items I didn’t get to this week and added some other things. I am going to start on article 4 of my thesis and I will finish the other work-related things. I am also going to pick up my sewing projects again. I haven’t touched that machine in a long time! I have been working on redecorating the chairs that go with our dining table and it’s time I finish the second one. I also started making a really nice dress (I hope) and I would like to continue on it this week, so I can have it put together this week and finish it next week.

So, wish me luck! I am off watching So You Think You Can Dance.

ps: sorry if this was a little boring. I am still finding the right way to write these posts. I will include pictures next time.

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When to exercise?

Hi guys! I have been thinking about my exercise schedule for a while now and finally made up my mind about what I want to do with it. I am getting enough cardio training but not enough strength training and aside of my standard gym classes I just do what I feel like. Which is fine, but I do need to make sure my activities are kind of balanced.

So, I thought long and hard about how I want my active life to look. There are a few things important to me:

  • I want to have an overall active lifestyle rather than only doing workouts;
  • I don’t want to spend all my free time at the gym;
  • I need flexibility in my schedule.

I started putting together my workout schedule. I have two classes that I’d like to attend every week: Zumba on Monday and Body Balance on Wednesday. In addition, I go swimming with a friend once every two weeks on Tuesday. The swimming itself is not intense (we chat and catch up all the time), but we do swim for an hour, so in the end it’s a pretty intense workout after all. These three things are the most time consuming because they take a long time and I need to back and forth to the gym/pool.

Then there is the other things I like: running, biking/spinning and strength training. What to do with those? I was forced to make some choices. Because of my crazy work situation I decided to not attend any races for a while. This makes it easier to fit in running, because I can just maintain things and don’t have to push myself. I also decided to let biking stay the way it is right now, which is nonexistent. I know myself, and even though I don’t mind running in bad weather, chances are very slim that I will go for a ride on my road bike before Spring arrives. I can still attend Spinning classes if I want to, but only if I feel like it because I just don’t want to add too much pressure. I’d rather do some much needed strength training and there are only 7 days in a week.

I like running on weekends in the morning. But Saturdays are not so convenient because I already spend part of the day running around doing errands and cleaning the house, therefore Sunday it is! This still leaves me about 36 hours before Zumba class which is nice because both things are hard on my calves.  On Fridays I want to do some strength training. This involves doing my shoulder exercises and probably some body weight circuit training. I was thinking about making it a gym workout but I prefer not to because that takes up so much more time. I do shoulder exercises because I have an injury, the problem is in the rotator cuffs. I went to physical therapy for a while and it sort of went away, but when I went back to Body Pump on a regular basis it all came back. If I don’t spend too many hours at the computer (pff hard one) and don’t go all crazy with the downward dogs etc at Body Balance I am pretty much ok. So I want to carefully do some exercises to strengthen those damn rotator cuffs and hope it helps me. I am giving it a couple of months and if by then it’s not better I will return to my physical therapist. I figured that I can also do these shoulder exercises on Tuesdays when I am not swimming.

Here is a quick overview of what all this blabbing really resulted in:

Day Morning Evening
Monday Zumba
Tuesday Week 1: swim; week 2: shoulder exercises
Wednesday Body Balance
Friday Strength training and shoulder exercises
Sunday Run

It may sound like a lot and it probably is but for me this is doable. Plus I like it a lot, for me it is also relaxation! I don’t see Zumba as working out, it is just an hour of dancing and fun for me (except the ab exercises of course), Swimming is once every 2 weeks and about having a good time with a friend. Body Balance is an hour for me and my body, to stretch my stiff sit-behind-my-desk-muscles and find some relaxation. Running only takes 30 min and most of the time I love being outside and being able to run. Strength training is supposed to be done in max 30 min as well.

Overall, I will try to be more active during the day. Maybe a walk during lunch break. Taking the stairs at work (8th floor). Going places by bike (hey, I am Dutch, it’s normal). Not sitting down for hours at a time. And most importantly, I will listen to my body. If I want to go for an extra run on Thursday, that’s fine. And if I want to skip something, that is fine too. Of course I will probably mix this up all the time. Like this morning I went to the gym and did an elliptical workout and shoulder exercises. I felt like sweating and not like strength training because my muscles have been a teeny bit sore all week as a result of the Mud Run so I have been giving them a break.

What about you? What does your schedule look like?

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Muddy Day

Look what happened!


And this picture doesn’t even show how soaked I was! 😉

Ok, let me explain. I decided that an off-road race would be a fun thing to do, especially in the end of October, because then it would be cold and rainy. Some of my co-workers thought I had lost my mind, but I actually had a great time!

Last Sunday I took off on a road trip to Linde in an eastern part of the Netherlands called the Achterhoek (translated it is something like the Back Corner and yes there are a lot of stereotypes about this region). The scenery was beautiful!


It was quite the adventure getting there in the first place. At one point I had to turn right so I did and saw this sign:


It says: Bad road.
And the road was bad. It even had grass in the middle! LOL


After I while I saw a sign that said that I had arrived in Linde


Can you see the vibrant city centre? I knew that the race was just on the other side of the village, but I already arrived there before I saw any group of houses together haha. But that didn’t matter.
The race site with a tent to stay dry and get coffee. They also had toilets and showers, yay!


After hanging around for a while it was finally time to run! After a warming up we took off into the fields. (btw, I was all by my lonesome so most of the pictures I got from this website and that is why I am only in a few of them)


The kids were really funny and brave. The fast guys just took off and the women and kids were just one happy family running. They helped each other and waited for their turn to jump the ditches.


We ran on grass fields, grass with mud, sand with mud pools, acres with mud and we crossed about 8-10 ditches, varying from small ones with hardly any water in them, to big ones others with a lot of water. After 5 minutes I had already soaked one leg and both my feed were muddy. Some people lost their shoes in the mud. It was exhausting, most people couldn’t run the whole thing but time didn’t really matter anyway. I had such a blast doing it!

Here you see me letting the boy and the guy in jeans (!) go first


This was the last ditch and unless you were a very good jumper you were not able to jump across it. Almost everyone went in. And so did I. I was soaked!


At some point I got sucked into the mud up till my knees haha!
Almost at the finish, just one last acre to cross.


And then I was there! I got a rose at the finish line and then found a guy to finally take a picture of me:


I was soaked up to my chest and my shoes that used to be black were now brown. My pants got 3 inches longer because of all the water haha! I finished the muddy 4k in [fill in time later when they finally upload them].

Some weird shot I took of the back of my own legs because they looked even worse than the front:


Happy excited (and slightly muddy) face:


Anyway,then it was time for a quick but refreshing shower. Some hot chocolate and cake and all was well again!


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