Yesterday I felt like a floorcloth for most of the day. That’s how we call that ‘I feel so blah and weak’ feeling when you have a cold in Dutch. But this morning I am feeling much better!

Yesterday was a busy day at work, I had a meeting and we decided on some important stuff for my thesis which is really going to help me finish it in time. We also put a deadline on heaving the manuscript ready for review by the Prof and co: 31 jan 2011. That is soon, but doable (I hope). I am finishing my planning today and then it hopefully is just a matter of crossing things of my todolist for the next months (probably not, hahaha)

In the evening it was time to swim with a friend. It was my first workout in over a week! I don’t know, but somehow I wasn’t feeling it last week. Well, I do know: my busy schedule in combination with my immune system feeling confused about the medication being gone (those pills are definitely crap, I tell you!). It is probably why this cold came up, it could sneak in while my immune system was fighting invisible monsters. Anyway, I thought it was a nice break and not so bad as  I haven’t been completely inactive (painting, walking stairs, groceries, car wash etc). I am happy to be back though!

Okay, I have to go to work now (now there’s something you will be hearing quite a lot).

Have a good day!

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