I started my working day all ambitiously, until I found out I really had a cold coming up. You see, I am like an 82-year old with my allergies: I need some time to get started, for my morning runny nose to clear up. But when I still felt groggy after a couple of hours I knew something was up. But, I tried my best and only had half a day anyway. In the afternoon I went to my brother’s new apartment to help him paint. My sister and BIL were there too. We had fun and got quite a lot done. I stayed over for dinner at my parent’s house and helped my dad with a Powerpoint presentation. After that it was too late for Zumba class, but I wasn’t feeling so fit anyway. So we went to bed early and watched an episode of the final season of One Tree Hill (yeah, I know, I am way behind and I also know that I am probably too old for that as well). I hate that the series is almost over!
Then I had a hell of a night, tossing and turning until 2am because I couldn’t breathe well. So you can imagine that I feel incredibly fit and well rested this morning. I have a meeting this afternoon and I hope I survive until then. Wish me luck!

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