Slaying my Todo list week 46 + update

Note: that previous post didn’t work out so well! One picture disappeared and another one was blocked….

And another week passed!  Some highlights:

  • My allergies are starting to get better, even the new ones are much less bad.
  • Saturday we went to a nice B-day party of my friend Rianne. There were not too many people and we had fun
  • Sunday I met a giant amount of semi-family at my uncle and aunt’s 40th anniversary. My aunt is my mother’s sister, but of course the whole family from my uncle’s side showed up as well and it has been at least 10 years since I have seen them last. But I had fun building the family tree from every guest that I got introduced to.
  • I bought myself a cute workout top for less than 4 euro! 
  • I worked at a friend’s house on Friday. She needs to study and I need to work so we motivate eachother. It worked really well, so we are making it into a habit every other week. Looking forward to next time!

Time to review my accomplishments of this week:


I know, I know, the to read pile is still not finished. I should have take a picture of it so you now how big it actually was. I have been reading a lot this week and I hope to finish it in the upcoming week. I haven’t really finished the chair or the dress, but I decided I don’t want them on my todolist anymore (more on that later).

I don’t have much time to write now, so on to the list of next week:


So, I am planning to finally finish the to read pile! I have a meeting tomorrow with my professor and probably that will shed some light on my thesis and publication writing options. That should also get me started on article 4 for real (I did some stuff, but not enough to be able to cross it off yet). Article 2 came back from the journal editor. I had sent in a review following all the comments of the reviewers and they approved but now they dislike the rest of the article! So I have to rewrite it again… And lastly, I received some more info so I am going to use that to revise my very brilliant and interesting conceptual model and send it to my colleagues.

Gotta go no, I am working from home this morning and in the afternoon I am going to help my brother paint his house!

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