Slaying my Todo list week 45

Let’s do a quick highlight of my week:

Monday: worked my butt off
Tuesday: same thing
Wednesday: I baked a cake last weekend but I decided today that I did not like it that much so no drool worthy pics for you.
Thursday: was forced to go to work for a half hour meeting. I also saw an allergy nurse and she put me on new meds to get rid of my hayfever. I used to have drops twice a week for my grass allergies, and now I have tablets every day. They are way easier than drops but they are mean little devils that make my mouth itch like crazy for 30 min. Also, for my trees allergies I still have drops. Well, as long as it works… And we went to the opera! More about that later
Friday: Had a meeting in a fancy conference center about my new work. It was really productive and the sandwiches were awesome! Too bad the meeting lasted for 4 hours with just a tiny bathroom break, pfff…
Saturday: Did groceries and shopped a bit. I watched 2 movies (yay! for vegging out on the couch).
Sunday: worked a bit, visited my grandma who is 92 years old and we talked about drugs and fashion 😀 I went for a run with Leonie. And the night was devoted to So You Think You can Dance, of course.

To be honest, I didn’t have such a good week last week. I felt tired all the time, so my personal todo’s did not get checked off other then finishing the design of the blog for now. I would like a better look by atm I don’t have the tools for that so this will have to do. I did look at my sewing projects and dug up the ones I need though. 😉
My tiredness also influenced how fast I worked on some days.


At work I finished the Delphi! It is finally on it’s way to the panel. Now let’s hope they all return it in time as well… I worked very hard on hypotheses for my new work. First of all because we cannot do research without them and second because I had a meeting on Friday in which they would be discussed… Good news is that everybody liked them, but of course there will be modifications needed (like always) and they had great sandwiches there too, yum!

I really did do a lot on my to read pile, but I couldn’t get in finished, so this one will have to stay for next week. Because I did not finish reading, I could not get started on my general introduction yet.

I am still tired but let’s take a look at my new todo list.


I kept the unfinished items from last week and added some new ones. There are more things than last week, but that is also because many items won’t take that much time. I have books to return to the public as well as the university library, i have to print some stuff. Next week I have a meeting about my PhD and I have to make an agenda, but I already finished the pieces that come with it. I have another meeting for my new job on Wednesday and I have to read a few things for that. I have to start on the 5 item questionnaire that will help us select people for the actual questionnaire we will be using in my new research.

So wish me luck and hope I do better this week!

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