One-year-olds and workaholics

Hello! How have you been? I have been a busy bee working on slaying my todo list among other things. What I have been up to you ask?

First of all, as you can see I did a lot of work on the blog. I made my crappy very professional looking header (hey, my laptop can not handle photoshop etc. and to be honest I don’t even know how that works, so I am stuck with Paint), and included an about and exercise page besides writing a couple of posts. phew!

Last week was a pretty busy week, but I don’t remember much of the working part though. I feel a bit like a workaholic. Well, I guess at some point I will be less busy. Before the Mud Run I had a lovely day at the sauna with a friend. It was so relaxing!

Then last weekend I went to the first birthday of my friend Rianne’s daughter. Now I am not that into kids, but she is cute! And she is so fast in her development, she has already been walking for a couple of weeks!

I also visited one of my grandma’s and chatted away half a day there. It was nice catching up with her. I decided to skip my planned run because my knees were not entirely happy with me. I also finished my hat and baked a cake, but more on that soon.

Yesterday was a crazy busy day at work, and I was very happy to go to my Zumba class after dinner. It felt good dancing the work stress off! We did a new song, a superfast merengue and I mean really fast, and I love it!
Today was another crazy work day but I got to eat cake! Tuesday is birthday celebration day so usually whoever has had his or her birthday brings cake to work. What I didn’t get though was my daily fantasy dream with George Clooney because our Nespresso machine had died. I hope they fix it soon! After work I somehow made it home, had a quick dinner and then went swimming with my friend Neelke. We had a good time chatting although the pool was crazy busy so the swimming part was not so much fun. She managed to back her car into a street light a while back and now has whiplash. I hope she recovers soon!

So, I am off to read my book for a while and then I am going to crash into my bed. I might just do the two at the same time…

See ya!

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