Slaying my Todo list week 44

Last week I started my new challenge and today it’s time evaluate how things went last week. Here’s how my todo list of this week looks now:


I think I was pretty productive! I did some other stuff that wasn’t on the list as well, like submitting article 3 to another journal because it was rejected and making a blog post planning. I worked on the design of my blog but it isn’t finished yet, and the same goes for the last 2 items on the list. So, yay for me! As you can see, I finished my hat! I will post about it soon.

Now, onto the new list:


I kept the items I didn’t get to this week and added some other things. I am going to start on article 4 of my thesis and I will finish the other work-related things. I am also going to pick up my sewing projects again. I haven’t touched that machine in a long time! I have been working on redecorating the chairs that go with our dining table and it’s time I finish the second one. I also started making a really nice dress (I hope) and I would like to continue on it this week, so I can have it put together this week and finish it next week.

So, wish me luck! I am off watching So You Think You Can Dance.

ps: sorry if this was a little boring. I am still finding the right way to write these posts. I will include pictures next time.

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