When to exercise?

Hi guys! I have been thinking about my exercise schedule for a while now and finally made up my mind about what I want to do with it. I am getting enough cardio training but not enough strength training and aside of my standard gym classes I just do what I feel like. Which is fine, but I do need to make sure my activities are kind of balanced.

So, I thought long and hard about how I want my active life to look. There are a few things important to me:

  • I want to have an overall active lifestyle rather than only doing workouts;
  • I don’t want to spend all my free time at the gym;
  • I need flexibility in my schedule.

I started putting together my workout schedule. I have two classes that I’d like to attend every week: Zumba on Monday and Body Balance on Wednesday. In addition, I go swimming with a friend once every two weeks on Tuesday. The swimming itself is not intense (we chat and catch up all the time), but we do swim for an hour, so in the end it’s a pretty intense workout after all. These three things are the most time consuming because they take a long time and I need to back and forth to the gym/pool.

Then there is the other things I like: running, biking/spinning and strength training. What to do with those? I was forced to make some choices. Because of my crazy work situation I decided to not attend any races for a while. This makes it easier to fit in running, because I can just maintain things and don’t have to push myself. I also decided to let biking stay the way it is right now, which is nonexistent. I know myself, and even though I don’t mind running in bad weather, chances are very slim that I will go for a ride on my road bike before Spring arrives. I can still attend Spinning classes if I want to, but only if I feel like it because I just don’t want to add too much pressure. I’d rather do some much needed strength training and there are only 7 days in a week.

I like running on weekends in the morning. But Saturdays are not so convenient because I already spend part of the day running around doing errands and cleaning the house, therefore Sunday it is! This still leaves me about 36 hours before Zumba class which is nice because both things are hard on my calves.  On Fridays I want to do some strength training. This involves doing my shoulder exercises and probably some body weight circuit training. I was thinking about making it a gym workout but I prefer not to because that takes up so much more time. I do shoulder exercises because I have an injury, the problem is in the rotator cuffs. I went to physical therapy for a while and it sort of went away, but when I went back to Body Pump on a regular basis it all came back. If I don’t spend too many hours at the computer (pff hard one) and don’t go all crazy with the downward dogs etc at Body Balance I am pretty much ok. So I want to carefully do some exercises to strengthen those damn rotator cuffs and hope it helps me. I am giving it a couple of months and if by then it’s not better I will return to my physical therapist. I figured that I can also do these shoulder exercises on Tuesdays when I am not swimming.

Here is a quick overview of what all this blabbing really resulted in:

Day Morning Evening
Monday Zumba
Tuesday Week 1: swim; week 2: shoulder exercises
Wednesday Body Balance
Friday Strength training and shoulder exercises
Sunday Run

It may sound like a lot and it probably is but for me this is doable. Plus I like it a lot, for me it is also relaxation! I don’t see Zumba as working out, it is just an hour of dancing and fun for me (except the ab exercises of course), Swimming is once every 2 weeks and about having a good time with a friend. Body Balance is an hour for me and my body, to stretch my stiff sit-behind-my-desk-muscles and find some relaxation. Running only takes 30 min and most of the time I love being outside and being able to run. Strength training is supposed to be done in max 30 min as well.

Overall, I will try to be more active during the day. Maybe a walk during lunch break. Taking the stairs at work (8th floor). Going places by bike (hey, I am Dutch, it’s normal). Not sitting down for hours at a time. And most importantly, I will listen to my body. If I want to go for an extra run on Thursday, that’s fine. And if I want to skip something, that is fine too. Of course I will probably mix this up all the time. Like this morning I went to the gym and did an elliptical workout and shoulder exercises. I felt like sweating and not like strength training because my muscles have been a teeny bit sore all week as a result of the Mud Run so I have been giving them a break.

What about you? What does your schedule look like?

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