Muddy Day

Look what happened!


And this picture doesn’t even show how soaked I was! 😉

Ok, let me explain. I decided that an off-road race would be a fun thing to do, especially in the end of October, because then it would be cold and rainy. Some of my co-workers thought I had lost my mind, but I actually had a great time!

Last Sunday I took off on a road trip to Linde in an eastern part of the Netherlands called the Achterhoek (translated it is something like the Back Corner and yes there are a lot of stereotypes about this region). The scenery was beautiful!


It was quite the adventure getting there in the first place. At one point I had to turn right so I did and saw this sign:


It says: Bad road.
And the road was bad. It even had grass in the middle! LOL


After I while I saw a sign that said that I had arrived in Linde


Can you see the vibrant city centre? I knew that the race was just on the other side of the village, but I already arrived there before I saw any group of houses together haha. But that didn’t matter.
The race site with a tent to stay dry and get coffee. They also had toilets and showers, yay!


After hanging around for a while it was finally time to run! After a warming up we took off into the fields. (btw, I was all by my lonesome so most of the pictures I got from this website and that is why I am only in a few of them)


The kids were really funny and brave. The fast guys just took off and the women and kids were just one happy family running. They helped each other and waited for their turn to jump the ditches.


We ran on grass fields, grass with mud, sand with mud pools, acres with mud and we crossed about 8-10 ditches, varying from small ones with hardly any water in them, to big ones others with a lot of water. After 5 minutes I had already soaked one leg and both my feed were muddy. Some people lost their shoes in the mud. It was exhausting, most people couldn’t run the whole thing but time didn’t really matter anyway. I had such a blast doing it!

Here you see me letting the boy and the guy in jeans (!) go first


This was the last ditch and unless you were a very good jumper you were not able to jump across it. Almost everyone went in. And so did I. I was soaked!


At some point I got sucked into the mud up till my knees haha!
Almost at the finish, just one last acre to cross.


And then I was there! I got a rose at the finish line and then found a guy to finally take a picture of me:


I was soaked up to my chest and my shoes that used to be black were now brown. My pants got 3 inches longer because of all the water haha! I finished the muddy 4k in [fill in time later when they finally upload them].

Some weird shot I took of the back of my own legs because they looked even worse than the front:


Happy excited (and slightly muddy) face:


Anyway,then it was time for a quick but refreshing shower. Some hot chocolate and cake and all was well again!


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