New challenge

So I have done some thinking on how I can use this blog to improve my own productivity. I am very busy with my two jobs in addition to what I want to do in my free time. I had a feature for a short while about my adventures in PhD land. Turns out, however, that the adventures were not so interesting. But what might be interesting, is to see how much progress I am actually making. So you can all cheer on me if I am doing good, and yell at me if I am being lazy. Well…for now that would be me cheering at myself, given the amount of readers I have.  Plus, giving you some insight into my todo list also shows a lot about me as a person. I am not sure if this is actually going to lead anywhere, but this is my blog so I can do whatever I want right? So let’s just begin.

Here is my todo-list for the upcoming week. It included all the projects I am supposed to work on, but not my regular activities like cleaning, groceries and workouts.


P in front of a task/project means that it is for my PhD, W means it is for my other job and L means it is for me (my real name is Laura).  Here is some information on the tasks:

P: I have to finish article 1, which is a literature review and it is also called ‘The Dreaded One’. I have been working on it forever, but now it’s finally getting somewhere. I want to send a new version to my supervisors asap. I am using an expert panel (delphi) to help me with my model (the goal of the whole research). They fill out several rounds of questions and I have to send out a new round. I need to catch up with my reading and get started on the general introduction of my thesis and next monday I have to give a presentation about my research to the rest of my department.

W: conceptual models are almost as boring as they sound, so I won’t bother you with the details. The study is still being set up, so we have to have an overview of the topic so we actually know what we are going to investigate. Trust me, at this point it is as clear to me as it is to you.

L: I have a really exciting race coming up this weekend and I decided to knit a hat. More about that later, but here is the proof:


Next week we are going to the opera! I also have some organizing to do: make the blog look decent, revise my exercise schedule to fit in my shoulder exercises and spread out my activities better, and clean up the mess I made in Evernote. I collected a lot of notes, but I still need to make a decent tagging system.

I guess I won’t have to be bored this week! In about a week I will show you what I have finished and what not.

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