Drowning in my todo-list

The last couple of days I was almost able to see Lord Winter approach, brrr. Everything is still fall colored, but you can see the grey entering as well. Luckily, my central heating is working! And I dug up my winter clothes from underneath the bed. This was also a good reason to do another closet purge. So now I can happily go shopping, because I found out that I basically have no warm clothes that I can actually wear to work.

Speaking of work, the last couple of days have been crazy. I feel a bit like I am being choked by my planning while drowning in my todo-lists. But today I have been working from home, dressed in my favorite warm and  cozy sweat pants and sweater and sipping giant amounts of tea:


Just kidding. This photo is not of today. The differences are that instead of Chinta I have a laptop on my lap and I have my eyes open most of the time. I wish most days could be like today, but I have a feeling that those days might be over soon. I am not sure whether my new employer will let me work from home on a regular basis. But we’ll see. At least I have more reasons to shop for nice clothes to wear to work 😉

I was thinking I should set up a challenge to get me through the winter in a nice and active way (I have a tendency to go into hibernation mode). But I won’t do that for now because I will be so freaking busy the next couple of months that I do not want any added pressure. Hmm, thinking about it, I might need to set up a PhD challenge, maybe restart my PhD chronicles but with a productive touch…

Hmmm, going to consider this. I am going to make myself make the Boyfriend make me another cup of tea and then I have to get back to work. Be back soon!

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