Happy moment

Before I leave to meet a friend for a bike ride, I would like to share a happy moment with you:
Right now, I am sitting on the couch with my very own laptop! ! Technically speaking it is not my laptop but The Boyfriend’s. But he finally got it working again (the hard disk died), so now we don’t have to share our only PC anymore. This is a good thing on it’s own because now I also get to use a computer that doesnt make as much noise, but I can also sit on the couch and read e-mails and blog etc! This is a first time in my life!
So, I am going to enjoy sitting on the couch with the laptop for just a moment longer, and then I will find my bike and leave! I’ll be back later with, hopefully some pictures, and also a recap of yesterday’s activities during my Aunt-nieces day.

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